The Westmount JKA Karate Club is offering you the possibility to find out if you would like to practice Karate

The Westmount JKA Karate Club teaches Shotokan style karate, an original form of karate, and is a member of the largest association of karate schools in the world, the Japan Karate Association (JKA), ensuring that JKA’s philosophy and techniques taught are those developed though generations of training and studying by a great number of instructors and masters of the Art.

Karate, meaning ‘empty hand’ is the practice of unarmed self-defense techniques. This includes both blocking of attacks and counter-attacking by punching, striking and kicking. Highly dynamic it is an excellent all-around exercise, making balanced use of a large number of muscles, the cardiovascular system, and developing stamina, speed, coordination and agility.

The Westmount JKA Karate Club encourages people of all ages to practice this Art. It is also a great opportunity to start an activity where the whole family can participate, children (from 9 years old), teenagers and adults alike.

COME TRY A FREE CLASS! What should you wear? T-shirt, sweat pants will do fine for the beginning!